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Wendy Ponca Gallery

Wendy Ponca
Super Hero Cape for Osage County, 2020
Silkscreen printed canvas with taffeta lining

During the pandemic, in March 2020, I made a cape in my studio on Main Street of Fairfax, Oklahoma. I silkscreen printed the outside with symbols of strength and love derived from my core.  I am an Osage person living day to day in a universal upheaval of body and soul. The first impression of the cape is white on white symbolism.  Then the lining opens up to the strong, vibrant colors of my soul, my inner self, full of potential and strength. I too contracted the Coronavirus but was denied a test due to the early timing of my sickness . . . The IHS didn’t have the tests yet so I was at home and convalescing on my own. This cape is a true symbol of art as therapy and resulting in a positive outcome.

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