Creativity 2020 - Art from Community

Vada Cass Gallery

Vada Cass, artist
Northern Lights, 2020
Acrylic on canvas

The pandemic has changed my art and the way that I use my creativity. I try to imagine my art as items or places I would love to see! This pandemic has also expanded my creativity. For example, I started to gather materials and make rings out of all kinds of metals, mostly silver.  I love to use my creativity to make creations no matter what materials I use whether it’s paint or metal. I try to accomplish any creation possible.

The reason I chose to paint the Northern Lights is because I’ve always wanted to see them. I imagine they would look absolutely beautiful. So, I said to myself that if I can’t go see the Northern Lights, I’ll bring them here. In my artwork, I love to incorporate trees. It doesn’t matter what type so I incorporated evergreen trees.

This painting of mine really stood out to me. I always try to find meaning behind anything no matter what it is. This painting means to me that the trees are people looking up at the world. The world can be so pretty no matter how many colors the sky creates.

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