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Joe Don & Preston Brave Gallery

Vincent “Joe Don” Brave, artist
The Old Boys, 2020
Acrylic on canvas

I started this painting – early in April or May – lost track of time there. It is the result of many years, thinking about the elders before me, the grandparents and great uncles, uncles, cousins and brother, that I have seen in the I-lon-skha every June, my entire 55 years. I can see them dancing. And as I started to get into the painting, I realized that years are passing, and I am becoming an elder, in the circle.

Most importantly – we have an active 4 year old son, home through most of the first lock down, and he needed to be entertained – something that was shared in our household, and so I could only escape to paint for an hour or so, a couple of times a day – or wait until Preston was asleep. So, this painting just grew and expanded and I enjoyed working on it over a few weeks. Eventually – Preston became my studio buddy for short periods of time – using his own canvas on an easel – painting his own creations.

The painting itself is full of good memories – good people and amazing history – but the creating process also has good memories, bonding with Preston – learning how to juggle a 4 year old and helping him create. By the time Preston returned to school, at the end of May – I had completed 3 paintings that are complex and detailed – allowing time for lots of fun activities outside with Preston, and lots of creating, in the art studio.

Preston Brave, artist
Untitled, 2020
Acrylic on canvas

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