Creativity 2020 - Art from Community

Jarica Walsh Gallery

Jarica Walsh, artist
Creating Space in Order to Unify, 2020
Cyanotype photogram on paper

I make art that strives to provide healing and progress, and that examines our relationship with ourselves, our planet, and our universe.

This botanical print was created in late March 2020, as the world shut down for COVID-19. The title speaks to the concept, that while separating for a time, our connection to each other, and the planet, runs deep. The Earth and our plant sisters hold space for us, reminding that our togetherness surpasses the boundaries we create. We are always one, despite the distance.

My practice has shifted during the pandemic, reflecting a focus on the collective trauma being experienced on a global level and looking towards approaches for collective healing. Looking for ways we can use artistic expression to begin to recover and to stay connected. Many turned to gardening practices, outdoor walks, and time in parks and green spaces – finding solace and peace in connecting with nature and finding safe spaces to meet with loved ones.

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