Creativity 2020 - Art from Community

Dena Cosby Gallery

Dena Cosby, artist
Healing, 2020
Acrylic on canvas

My piece is an Osage female, made up of facial characteristics of my own daughter that suffers from depression and a friend’s daughter who did as well and is no longer with us.  I reflected on God with the sun in the picture shining on the woman.  I also created this art piece during quarantine to keep my own spirits up.  I believe that art is the best way to deal with mental health.  Beneath COVID-19 are many other layers of difficulties our Osage community faces such as mental health issues, mourning losses, chemical dependencies, domestic violence, and child abuse. COVID-19 isn’t helping any of this, but ART is and always will!

819 Grandview Ave. Pawhuska, OK 74056 (918) 287-5441